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Branded Software Solutions

Avoid Software Piracy. Grab the OEM Software for your PC/Laptop/Servers and become a legitimate user.

We have experienced that in most of the cases the users just get used to the trend of software piracy. And in some of the cases the user has adopted it unknowingly or unintentionally. Often user customers fall victim to non-genuine software when they purchase PCs/laptops.

They get their pc without an operating system pre-installed, and proceed with all pirated software. There is a point to mention that when the software manufacturers have extended lucrative offers/discounts for the OEM software, why not to become a legitimate user of the products that we wish to installed in our PC/Server. Installing Pirated Software is an offence and the user simply run the risk of prosecution under software piracy laws. And believe us unlicensed software in business operations is strictly prohibited.

If you are wondering about what is OEM Software, Let us make you understand. System/Computer builders purchase OEM (An Original Equipment Manufacturer) software for pre-installation on PCs that are then sold to end users. In most of the cases OEM software may not be transferred from one machine to another machine.