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Case Study - CCTV Surveillance Systems

Case study of Anand Mining & Geomin Industries at MP

The Mines of Madhya Pradesh was testing our abilities of networking. 'Mines' one of the topography where cabling for cctv is nearly impossible and vastly challenging was made possible by us with the help of wireless networks. Our client was nearly amazed to see such a great set up of cctv in a 'highly remote area' which was known as a backlog of technology.

Our aim was to provide a solution and set an example of hard work and determination and thus we made.

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Case study of Green Point Global (GPG) - Belapur

Safety which is one of the basic need in today's life. Especially when it comes to women empowerment and safety. India has one of the best MNCs in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, Green Point Global one of them took a step forward for women empowerment and thus we supported them with our unique cctv technology.

Being updates with the technology, this was actually challenging for us to keep more than a compartment on one screen. Thus supporting women empowerment and safety.

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